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CHERP has compiled 5 different methods of learning about Green Real Estate business practices.


(1) CHERP Green Realtor Introductory Seminar -  3-hours in your Broker's office (or in your area), including lunch!

Learn about green building criteria, green labeling, solar, energy efficiency retrofit technologies, how to improve the value of real estate, available financing packages for green retrofits, rebates, increasing your referrals by differentiating yourself in the green market.
Learn about how green real estate will increase your bottom line… More

(2) BSP-REP (Building Science Professional for Real Estate Professionals) - Online!

Learn about how a house literally acts like a living organism with respect to hot and cold tempratures. This course will answer questions you've always had about why some rooms are colder or hotter than others, how insulation really works (or dosen't, depending on how it's installed), why some houses are more expensive to operate than others and much, much More..

Offered exclusively from Energy Efficiency Management, Inc. (EEM) and the Building Performance Institute (BPI) through 2014, This fantastic course for the Real Estate Professional (REP), can be utilized as an on-line, self-paced study course, allowing the REP’s to integrate their knowledge with that of the Home Performance process and those professionals who will be most beneficial to the REP and their clients, as a valuable team member in the development of any REP’s green real estate business model.
“You may be a home inspector who needs to identify potential building performance problems in homes. Or you may be an appraiser or financial officer who needs to value green features of a home. Perhaps you’re a Realtor who wants to be able to find, understand and market homes with sustainable features. Earning the Building Science Principles certificate (Certificate of Completion) proves you have the knowledge necessary to carry out your work effectively.” This course if for:

  •      Home inspectors

  •      Appraisers

  •      REALTORS®

  •      Mortgage and energy efficiency financing officers

The BSP-REP Certificate of completion will give any REP a distinct advantage over the competition in today’s challenging and complex real estate market environment.  Check out what else BPI has to say about the BSP-REP certification: “Earning the Building Science Principles certificate is your first step into the world of energy efficient home performance. Building science demonstrates how various components of the home interact to affect the home’s overall performance. Understand the relationship between the building envelope, heating, A/C, insulation, mechanical ventilation, lighting, appliances and other systems of the home. Learn how all of these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and durability of the home. Discover why improving the energy efficiency of the home is the first step toward solar, geothermal or other renewable energy improvements.”
Additionally, completion of the BSP-REP Certificate of Completion will also qualify you for alternative credit for NAR Green Level 100. So, if an on-line platform fits your needs better, this is an excellent way to begin or enhance your green real estate professional career and become one step closer to to obtaining the NAR Green Designation if that’s your goal.

(3) CG-REP (Certified Green - Real Estate Professional) - 1 day course.

Be your clients’ go-to source-of-the-source for healthier, higher quality, green homes. In this course, we’ll demystify utility and local government rebate programs and teach you to help your clients navigate state disclosure regulations, consumer label programs, and green lending programs, including 203K and EEM’s, learn to utilize a team of credible state licensed and certified professionals approved to participate in statewide incentives and resources as a source of experts. You'll be better equipped to attract the green-minded homebuyer and provided added value to all your real estate relationships. More...

This 2-day course or one day option (with an on-line component), focuses specifically on selling existing green homes in the California marketplace and will prepare you to take advantage of these new opportunities. After passing the exam you will receive your certification.  Mentoring options may be available which will help you take your training to the next level and create marketplace skills for the rest of your career.
This course will cover the topics necessary for the real estate professional to be able to increase their profits and create a lasting business plan that will make green real estate a significant enhancement for rest of their career. Real estate professionals gain a market advantage over their competition and will learn how to evaluate, understand and implement green real estate terms, concepts, practices, policies and procedures relative to comprehensive and impactful a green real estate practice, as it applies to the real estate and home retrofit process, with particular attention to California state energy initiatives and CHERP; utilizing a Whole House approach and concept, in California and nationally. 
Learn how to inspect and evaluate an existing or new home for potential energy upgrades and opportunities for green certification for their clients. Utilize a multidisciplinary team marketing approach to determine a home’s present energy characteristics, advise homeowners on how to reduce energy use in their home, understanding the state-approved home energy modeling program, and help clients to understand and seek energy efficiency financing options for financing energy efficient and green upgrades and improvements.  Upon successful completion of the classroom training and passing the written exam, the candidate will receive a certification and be able to market the nationally recognized CG-REP designation. Additionally after successful completion of CG-REP, the candidate will satisfy the NAR Green Level 100 requirement and qualify for alternative credit through the National Association of Realtors for the NAR Green Designation.
Topics covered in this class:
  • The Value of a Green Home:  Understand the market demand, regulatory changes and state initiatives.
  • Energy Assessments and HERS Whole House:  Identify the basics of California’s energy efficiency standards and Whole-House program and the benefits of participating in these programs.
  • Strategies for effectively communicating “green” to homebuyers and sellers.
  • The “Green Real Estate Walk Thru®”: How to identify a home’s green features and recognize opportunities to increase value.

Additional Items Outlined in the Course:

  •      What’s the Business Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals?
  •      How to position yourself as the green source-of-the-source for your Clients.
  •      Lowering your clients True Cost of Homeownership (PITI+E).
  •      The Value of a Green Home.  Understand the market demand, regulatory changes and state initiatives.  
  •      What is Green?  More Than Just a Definition; an understanding. 
  •      How do you measure if a home is green?  Green upgrades and the importance of credible standards.
         Makingng sense of green ratings, energy standards and product labels. 
  •      Understanding Green Building so you can explain it to your customers.  The benefits of a healthier
         home, addressing indoor air and environmental quality issues, energy efficiency and conserving water
         and other resources. 
  •      What are the components of an energy upgrade or retrofit?  Modern green building practices that go
         into home building and green energy retrofitting (interiors, windows, lighting, appliances, water, waste 

         and resource conservation).
  •      Energy Efficiency and Programs for Clients.  Learn what programs are available, how your clients can
         benefit from themandhow to participate in them.  Demystify utility and local government rebate programs,
         state disclosure regulations, consumer programs (GreenPoint Rated, HERS II (Whole House),
         Energy Upgrade California (EUC) and the relationship to the BPI Professional, Energy Star,
         and lending programs (203K, EEM’s).
  •      Understanding Energy Assessments and HERS Phase II (Whole House).  Identify the basics of California’s
         energy efficiency standards and Whole-House program. Learn the benefits and how to participate in
         these programs.
  •      Marketing green and Energy Efficiency for Real Estate Professionals.  Strategies for marketing
    communicating to home-buyers and home-sellers, GreenPoint Rated and certification of new and
         existing homes, the MLS, Valuation and the appraisal process related to green, the “Green-Walkthrough”
           and CD.
  •      The “Green Real Estate Walk Thru” and Putting It All Together.  The final module will focus on the
         “Green Real Estate Walk Thru”, how to identify green features in the home, how to recognize when
         a home can sell for more with green and energy efficient upgrades and how to sell that value.
  •      Tools and Resources to use with Clients and how to network with Certified Contractors and qualified
           team members.
  •      How to effectively market yourself and communicate the benefits of a green home and energy upgrade.

(4) NAR Green Realtor Training with Certification - Two full days

NAR Green Level 200- Green Certification (Day Four-Real Estate Professional Tract): This course will cover the topics necessary for the candidate to be able to understand and evaluate the Green Building Process. To be able to work with their designated team of professionals to determine, and articulate how a green home is built and retrofitted. To develop a thorough understanding of the Green Building process, materials and systems designed to make a home function Green, utilizing a Whole House Approach from the outside to the inside of the home. Using the Whole House approach and an integrated team approach, students will gain valuable insight into total green system integration and be able to deliver lasting value to home buyers and sellers.
NAR Green Level 300- Green Certification (Day Five-real Estate Professional Tract): This course will cover the topics necessary for the candidate to be able to communicate the value of green and to be able to take their acquired green knowledge and deliver action oriented results to increase their level of success and to increase their business potential utilizing energy efficiency improvements and green. Students will gain an in-depth understanding and learn practical approaches, to aiding the green home consumer market and help them to deliver results driven marketing programs to aid in the representation and selling of energy efficient and green homes for today’s real estate market. More...

Helpful Overview and Summary of Couse Content:
The Certified Green Real Estate Professional® (CG-REP®) SME CG-REP® Instructor; John Shipman from EEM
1.      The Green Home Market
         Consumer Demand
         A Home’s Impact on the Environment
         Policy Trends
         Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals
2.      Understanding Green Homes
         Green Home Components
         Codes, Certificates, and Labels
3.      The “Green Real Estate Walk Through®”
         How to Identify Green Home Features
         The Walk Through
         Evaluating Your Own Home
4.      Energy Upgrade California
         Energy Rebates, Assessments, Audits and Disclosure
         Understanding Building Science Basics
         Energy Rebates, Assessments (BPI), Audits (HERS) and Disclosures

5.      CHERP
         Energy efficiency and Green Financing
         Green Valuation of Real Property
         Real Market Case Studies
         Real Estate Marketing for Success

NAR Green Level 200: SME NAR Instructor; John Shipman of EEM
1.      Green Home Design
         Reasons for Going Green
         Green Design
reen Materials
2.      Green Home Construction
         The Building Envelope
         Green Building Process
         What You Need to Know
3.      Power Off The Grid
         Does Green Cost More?
         High Performance Efficiency and Zero Net Energy

         Mechanical Systems-Renewables
         Indoor Environmental Quality
4.      Green Existing Homes
         Why Green Existing Homes
         Greening Opportunities
         Changing Habits
5.      NAR Green Level 200 Written Exam
NAR Green Level 300: SME NAR Instructor; John Shipman of EEM
1.      The Green Scene
         How Green Are Consumers?
         The Green Message
         Greening Your Core Real Estate Skills
2.      Your Green Real Estate Business
         Action Steps
         Green Marketing Design
         Do’s and Don’ts
3.      Working with Buyers
         Your Personal Green Brand
         Asking the Right Questions
         Selling the Green Potential
4.      Working with Sellers
         Listing Presentation
        Greening a Home For Sale
        Marketing a Green Home
5.      NAR Green Level 300 Written Exam



5. CHERP-REP Green Deep Mentoring

Through personal coaching and guidance, CHERP-REP Green Mentoring is an unprescedented opportunity to take everything you have learned from one or all of the above courses and re-design your business model to truly help your buyers, your sellers, and to differentiate yourself in the marketplace by taking a leadership position in the green building revolution. More..

Deep Mentoring Course
Consists of 5 meetings (phases) in 2 hour sessions; The first two meetings are in group settings, the last three meetings are 2 hours each (Total of 6 hours) which are one-on-one with the instructor (SME) and student; Total sessions equal 10 hours of mentoring per student.
Mentoring Course Outline Structure:
Meeting 1; Group Session
Curriculum Review
Prepare Green Business Plan
Identify and Chose green Team
Project consideration
Meeting 2; Group Session
Clients and Green Team Member participation
Project Case Studies Review
Outreach Strategies
Meeting 3; One-on-One
Project Selection-Action Plan Review
Task Selection
Key Strategies
Meeting 4; One-on-One
Project Completion Strategy
Green team Task/Involvement
Problem Solving, Green MLS, Appraisals
Meeting 5; One-on-One
Green Team
Client Issues
Completion Readiness
Results Data
Future Success Defined
Some Examples of Professional Deep Mentoring Projects:
Green Labeled Home For Sale
Green Label New or Existing
Green Short Sale
HERS Whole House Rating
CHERP Project
Home Upgrade Program
Community Local Programs
203 K
203 K Streamline



Our Trainer: John Shipman

John Shipman is Principal of Energy Efficiency Management, Inc.; A REALTOR® and a National Association of REALTORS® and California Association of REALTORS® Green Designation Trainer. Additionally, John is a California HERS Building Performance Contractor (HERS-BPC); California General Building Contractor; BPI Certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional and BPI Proctor(BPI-CBPCA); Program Coordinator and Instructor, for California State University, Long Beach, Continuing and Professional Education Department’s Green and Sustainable Building Certificate Program; A Creator of and Trainer for Build It Green’s and Energy Efficiency Management, Inc’s. Certified Green Real Estate Professional Program™ (CG-REP™), Trainer and GreenPoint Rater; Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Trainer, CalCERTS, Inc. John’s company is an approved Energy Upgrade California Contracting Company. John is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles.











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