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Benefits for Contractors in working with CHERP

Given the fact that buildings contribute a far larger share of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere than any other sector world-wide, and given that we have ambitious Federal and State mandates to reduce energy use in buildings as rapidly and deeply as possible, CHERP’s mission is to educate homeowners on the power and multiple benefits of energy efficiency in buildings to uncover latent market demand for retrofits. CHERP then directs those building owners to best-of-class contractors who can perform the retrofit work. CHERP has many programs designed to benefit Home Performance Contractors. All the programs listed below are designed to stimulate market demand for energy efficiency retrofit work and to help contractors grow their businesses:

(1) Contractor education and marketing training programs. CHERP is developing hands-on workshops and a webinar series designed to engage and inspire contractors to become best-of-class Home Performance contractors. Our goal is to increase contractor business proficiency, energy efficiency marketing, sales skills and lead generation. We are also developing a mentoring program that couples our highest performing contractors with contractors wishing to become best-of-class themselves.

(2) Opportunity to be the recognized energy efficiency expert in your local community

(3) Education and re-activation program designed for your existing clients 

(4) CHERP workshops given exclusively for your clients and marketing contacts

(5) City Council/City Staff education programs

(6) City-wide education and engagement of community organization partners

(7) Opportunity to be a Core Group Founding Member and participate in the creation and ongoing management of your local CHERP network

(8) Visibility with state and local political leadership

(9) Participation with CHERP PEEP programs – Professional Energy Education Partners – with local Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Appraisers