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Driving Energy Efficiency
and Economic Recovery

Benefits of CHERP for Cities

In order to help your City take full advantage of the immediate and myriad benefits of energy efficiency and to the energy reduction goals mandated by AB32, CHERP has perfected a City Engagement Plan that addresses the barriers to the rapid deployment of existing and proven energy saving technologies in buildings throughout the community.

With CHERP's mentorship and facilitation, the Plan helps a City work “top-down” (through City Council, City Manager, City Staff, City Organizations) and “bottom-up” (through homeowners, contractors and their employees).   The goals for cities are critical:

  • Meet AB 32 mandates
  • Educate and engage community around complex sustainability issues
  • Increase private, public and commercial awareness and alignment
  • Increase construction jobs
  • Increase property values
  • Increase tax base
  • Increase disposable income within your community
  • Address serious health and air quality issues
  • Save energy and money while reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gasses

For a downloadable White Paper on the Benefits of CHERP for your city click here: CHERP - Driving Energy Efficiency and Economic Recovery