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Best Practices for Hyper-Local Success

In the effort to educate both broadly and deeply in the community, CHERP has developeda number of “Best Practice Initiatives” to meaningfully engage a wide variety of individuals, organizations and professions. This list is expanding on a monthly basis.

(1) Core Group creation and development: Developing leadership among local, community volunteers. Core Group (15-20 individuals in a city) development as the means to initiate comprehensive education, launch new cities and sustain the effort into the future.

(2) 5-Stage City Education and Engagement Process: A complete city development process, CHERP is designed to engage a city at all levels. We have education modules for city government and staff as well as workshops for comomunity enducation and engagement.

(3) Public/Private Partnerships: relationships with “Best-of-Class” Home Performance Contractors

  • Meaningful organizational development and engagement with best-0f-class contractors capable of holistic building analysis, deep-energy retrofits, and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction

  • CHERP has created a working definition of contractor qualifications for participation in CHERP to assure quality execution, homeowner satisfaction and deep-energy retrofits

(4) Community Workshops, Celebrations and Events

(5) City-Wide Community Organization engagement

(6) Developing Strategic Partnerships with statewide leadership.

(7) Youth – Interns from local Colleges and High School

Student projects, data collection, school presentations, participation in energy assessments and renovation procedures, community events, CHERP meetings, homeowner communications, social media, videos, event organizing

(8) Retirement Communities and HOAs: This is a vehicle for retrofitting dozens of homes at the same time to achieve economies of both time and money in the construction process

(9) Ongoing relationships with several Universities and Colleges

(10) Professional Energy Education Partners (our PEEPs): Partners who have a professional stake in the industry. CHERP is currently engaged with the following industries and is creating meaningful, ongoing education, mentorship (in contrast to “outreach” programs) and collaboration programs for each industry. Ongoing mentorship initiatives drive business model transformations within each industry, teaching an individual business owner how to capitalize on the benefits of the green/energy efficiency movement for themselves and their clients.

  • Green Realtor education and ongoing mentorship initiatives that drive deep energy efficiency retrofits, understanding of the value of green labels, green appraisals, EEMs, property value increases, and higher sales prices compared to comps.

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Manufacturers

  • Architects

  • Retailers

  • Real Estate Appraisers

  • Financial Planners

(11) “CHERP Gives Back” Initiative: Engages material and equipment suppliers and contractors in a program that donates a full retrofit to a deserving family after every 50 retrofits are accomplished.

(12) Discovering the community-wide value of deep education in energy efficiency – Quality Control: Educated consumers protect themselves from unscrupulous contractors and the very high opportunity costs associated with single-measure or surface level retrofits.