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Building Science Videos

Guide to Home Performance 

This series of videos was sponsored by the California Energy Commission as part of the Measured Home Performance Project that develops guides to best practices for home energy retrofits in California. The videos, co-hosted by building science consultants Steve Easley and Rick Chitwood (CHERP Board of Advisors), explain the step-by-step process of retrofitting homes to save 50 - 80% of their annual utility bills, while dramatically increasing comfort and indoor air-quality- all accomplished before solar panels are installed! 

How to Reduce Energy Bills


House as a System


Dispelling Energy Myths


Utility Bill Disaggregation


Orientation and Site Inspection


Blower Door Testing


Insulation Assessment with Infrared Camera


Air Sealing and Insulating Attics


Air Sealing and Insulating Crawl Spaces


Air Sealing and Insulating Walls


Heating System Equipment


Assessing Air Flow in HVAC Systems


Assessing Air Conditioning Performance


Assessing HVAC Duct and Distribution Systems


Evaluating Airflow and Room Air Delivery 


Electric Base Load


Consumer Education


Tips for Home Performance Contractors 


Home Energy Assessment