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Case Study: Increased Comfort

Before the Assessment:

cold drafty house retrofit insulation"The first winter, the house was very uncomfortable. It would get very cold, and then it would get very hot, and we thought the retrofit would help solve that issue." The homeowners knew their home was inefficient, but the audit showed them the extent of the energy being wasted.

The retrofit:

New insulation in the attic and walls. Upgraded heating and air conditioning system. All new ducting. New plumbing. The crawlspace under the house was sealed with plastic sheeting to stop dampness from entering the house. They installed a smaller water heater since they didn't use as much hot water as the old one was producing. They were able to put it in the garage, freeing up an extra closet inside.

After the retrofit:

The house is much more comfortable and quiet. The new cooling and heating systems are more efficient, and the insulation keeps the temperature more consistent so that they use the heating and cooling systems less. The rebates made the retrofit possible.