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Case Study: Using Less Energy

Before the Assessment:

air sealing house rebate programThe homeowners were involved with the sustainability task force in Claremont, and wanted to be part of the solution. Theirs is a typical suburban 1960's home. They wanted to get their home to net zero.

The Assessment:

The homeowners were surprised by how badly it leaked from the internal envelope into the attic and inside. Over the years, the insulation had been reduced to almost nothing.

The Retrofit:

They had the attic sealed and filled with insulation. They had a complete HVAC replacement and reduced their air conditioning tonnage. They installed a new central water heater, assisting their heating inside their ventilation system.

After the Retrofit:

The house is much more comfortable and quiet. "It's like living in a thermos now. The temperature inside stays much more constant now. We went away for about 10 days and we just closed the house up when we left. When we got back we thought we left the air conditioner on but the house had just maintained its temperature for an entire two weeks. The house reaches an optimum temperature and just stays there."

Why should others retrofit their homes?

"If this is a typical suburban 60's home. If we all did this we could probably save 20% energy in the entire city. We're hoping to go net zero. This last year we paid about $600, and this year after installing solar panels we're hoping to pay $0."