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Case Study: Climate Control

Home retrofit efficient energy air conditionerBefore the Assessment:

The homeowner knew the heating system was not only safe, but was also inefficient. The audit pinpointed the location and extent of these inefficiencies.

The Retrofit:

They installed a mini split air conditioner. They also added new insulation.

After the Retrofit:

"It's much better insulated. We have a much better way of heating and cooling the space. We got to get rid of our clunky, inefficient air conditioner and fixed up the window there so everything's more quiet. The heating system that's back there (put in about 50 years ago when the place was built) with a gas furnace system in the wall was not only inefficient but was unsafe. We have small children that could have been touching the thing and burning themselves".

Overall, the house is now more efficient, safer, quieter, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Homeowner Comment:

"There are a lot of rebates and incentives, benefits for making your house more efficient. It's kind of a no-brainer to do. They did a lot to follow up on these rebate programs, and they did a great job."