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Case Study: Dependable Heating

Before the Assessment:home energy audit project

The homeowner wanted to make their home more comfortable. They were "concerned about future energy use and availability, and wanted to do the right thing."

The Retrofit:

They repiped the house and put in a new system for hot water, and installed a hydronic heater that runs off hot water, saving electricity and gas. They added better insulation in the walls and attic. They got all new ducting. 

After the Retrofit:

Their house stays at a comfortable temperature and is much quieter. "The way it was running, as a high temperature in the winter we would run the house at 66 degrees. We would wear slippers and socks and blankets. At night we would have it automatically set to go down to 62. The way it was before, in the morning you would hear a blast that sounds like wind coming through that was the furnace turing on, bringing it back up to 66. It would make a lot of noise and come on. Now it doesn't even come on because the house doesn't drop in temperature at night. It might run for longer but it doesn't put out as much air so you don't even notice because it's so quiet." They get hot water instantly, without having to wait. They were very happy with the work done and are going to do even more than what they are getting rebates for.

Homeowner Comment:

"One morning Tracy woke up and thought the furnace was broken, since it didn't come on. In the past it would come on and run for almost an hour, no matter what month it was. I went and looked and it was 68 degrees. It wasn't broken, it just never needed to come on. I don't think it's needed to run for almost 30 days.
I'm extremely happy and our new systems will run for a very long time without needing to be replaced."