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Case Study: Saving Energy and the Earth

Before the Assessment:home energy audit upgrade Claremont

"We care a lot about the Earth and think it's important to use less energy. It made sense to invest in something that would save energy in the long run." The homeowners learned from the audit that their windows were tighter than they thought, but that there were a lot of problems with the duct work.

The retrofit:

The homeowners got all new duct work and moved the ducts to the most efficient place. Additionally, they added more insulation in the attic.

After the retrofit:

The house is much more comfortable. According to the homeowners, "Comfort-wise, the rooms heat and cool much more evenly. Especially the kitchen, which never heated or cooled adequately, and the bathroom which was too efficient. It's evened it out much better. I think that's the biggest thing we've noticed." They recommend that others retrofit their homes to save energy and make their homes more comfortable.