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City Engagement: Critical to Country's Energy Efficiency Goals

The U.S. DOE Strategic Plan: The U.S. DOE and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development energy department in Washington will work together to facilitate cost-effective energy retrofits totaling 1.1 million housing units by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2013.

But CHERP has found that a true, grass-roots, city and community engagement program must be in place for wide-spread action to occur. For Homeowners by the thousands to actually commit to investing the time and the money to retrofit their buildings, they must be educated in the power and multiple benefits of energy efficiency. A fully engaged city – with multiple points of engagement - is the only solution to inspiring action because there are only local solutions to this enormous global challenge.

City-Wide Engagement is the Challenge and CHERP can Help

What does a fully engaged City look like? One that...

  • has educated the entire city staff on AB32 mandate and why energy use reduction matters;
  • has created and initiated a sustainable city plan with quantifiable goals set for city-wide energy reduction;
  • has set departmental goals (city manager, planning, building, engineering) to further awareness and implementation of city-wide energy reduction goals;
  • has identified and engaged all interested community organizations and individuals in meeting the city energy efficiency goals;
  • is participating in and encouraging ongoing educational outreach campaigns to continue educating and aligning those organizations, individuals and city staff around the power and immediate importance of energy efficiency and its many benefits throughout the city.

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