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How CHERP Qualifies Contractors

CHERP’s mission is to facilitate high quality, deep-energy retrofits of buildings on a massive scale. Our method is to educate homeowners in the power and many benefits of energy efficiency and to connect them with the best-of-class contractors in their area to perform the work. This way we assure the highest performance levels (deepest energy reductions for dollars spent) per job and the highest homeowner satisfaction levels.

Contractors who receive leads from CHERP will be thought to comply with the following criteria in four areas:

I. Adherence to Technical and Life-Safety protocols

  • Certified and adheres to current BPI and California Best Practices Guide protocols
  • Member of the EUC program (in California)
  • Properly licensed for all work
  • Pulls permits on all work
  • Performs all whole-house, energy-system work in-house or with a team of expert subs and can design, contract for, and execute a whole-house, energy-system master plan in proper loading order, custom designed for each homeowner project.

II. Experience with deep energy reduction projects as measured by year-over-year energy bills

  • Can provide most, if not all, of the 10 energy measures using in-house resources.
  • Can show year-over-year energy bill reductions of 40% or greater without solar PV, for a minimum of 10 projects.
  • Are generally considered to be Best-of-Class by other contractors in the industry.

III.   Data Collection

  • Willing to submit all on-going completed jobs data and year-over-year energy bill data to CHERP once every 6 months. (see CHERP data submittal forms)

IV.   Homeowner (Customer) satisfaction levels

  • Can provide Customer satisfaction surveys from 3rd party source or automatic in-house system showing an average minimum of 4 out of 5 customer satisfaction levels  – (see www.GuildQuality.com or equivalent)
  • Can provide a list of 15 customers willing to be interviewed about their experience with the company.