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Level 1

Certifications, Permits, and General Qualifications

These first level questions are general in nature and designed to determine the contractor’s general level of competence in the Home Performance industry. If they cannot answer yes to these basic questions, then they are not qualified to be doing whole-systems energy retrofit work at this time.

a.     Are you an approved EUC (Energy Upgrade California or other approved programs in other states) contractor, will you submit my job through the EUC process AND do you guarantee the rebates you are projecting for my project? (Do they try and talk you out of going through the EUC process saying it’s too complicated?)

b.     Will you be pulling a city permit on my job? (Do they suggest that they can save you money if you don’t pull a permit? This way they can avoid inspections of the quality of their work. This is so prevalent that in LA County, only 5% of HVAC contractors pull permits on their jobs! This is an ILLEGAL practice and should be reported to the Contractor’s Board.)

c.     How many people in your company are BPI certified and can you prove it? (BPI – Building Performance Institute - is the national certification agency for all Home Performance contractors.)

d.     Are you familiar with Measured Home Performance:  A Guide to Best Practices for Home Energy Retrofits in California and will you do your work in conformance with those specifications – to be proven by a HERS rater when you are finished?

e.     Can you provide me with a whole-house energy system retrofit Master Plan including all 12 system measures in their proper loading order so that I may execute the work over time and in the correct order if I chose not to do everything at once?

f.      Can you provide me with case studies with actual energy savings on projects over one year old?

g.     Can you provide me with the names of 15 clients that I can call as a reference on your company?

h.     Can you provide me with financing? (not required but nice to have)

i.      Are you willing to provide CHERP with the performance test results from my project along with the pre and post energy use data from my utility bills? (not required but nice to have)