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Style Sheet

Largest Heading - Select "Heading 2" - same size as title of page. For use when a major division is needed.


Second Heading - add code: <h3><a> before and </a></h3> after the heading copy


Third Heading - select "Heading 3" 


Fourth Heading - select "Heading 4"


Normal Copy - select "Normal" - This should be used for all main copy.

(1) Numbered Items in the main copy body: Number should be enclosed in parentheses and bold. If there is a intro statement or heading tied to the number, that should be bold as well, followed by a colon (:) Can appear under any of the above headings or in the middle of a copy block. Example: http://cherp.energycircle.com/what-whole-house-energy-assessment

  • Bullets - Bullets should not be bolded but they can be indented or not and they can be in sentence format or just a single list of words. Can appear anywhere in the copy.


If an image spans the entire page, there should be no space on either side. It should span the entire page. 

If an image is smaller and does not span the entire page, it should be justified either right or left (at editor's discretion) and text should be wrapped around the image.