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Howard Choy - General Manager of Los Angeles County’s Office of Sustainability
“Los Angeles County has focused on creating regional networks, such as the one developed by CHERP in Claremont, to reach out to local communities about the importance of energy upgrades. Deep energy retrofits are one of the most critical components to California’s energy efficiency plans. Homes and buildings make up the bulk of our nation’s energy use. Claremont has demonstrated the potential for energy savings that can be achieved when a community works together for a common cause.”
Andrew McAllister – California Energy Commissioner
“Energy Upgrade California is really a brand for the idea that our environment matters and that we can improve our buildings in a way that increases our quality of life. CHERP is an excellent example of a well-coordinated and executed Public Private Partnership where homeowners, businesses, and government all come out as winners."
Ken Alex – Senior Advisor on Energy to Governor Brown and Director of the Office of Planning and Research
“The City of Claremont has a compelling story to tell the nation. I had the opportunity to see the program's results first hand. We are excited at your leadership and what the people of this community have been able to achieve, and are proud to showcase your accomplishments as a model for other communities to follow. The CHERP program has the potential to recast how we approach home retrofits. OPR supports your efforts.”
Ed Hendrickson and Tracey Stoll – Claremont residents and CHERP volunteers
"The value of comprehensive public education around energy efficiency and building science issues is invaluable. There are so many benefits from energy efficiency available to homeowners, and most people are not even aware of them! Until we came to your workshops, we had no idea how much energy could be saved or how comfortable we could finally be in our home – not to mention how large a role we homeowners have in mitigating global green-house gasses. CHERP gave us (and many others) the inspiration and the courage necessary to take the plunge and have our home upgraded. We are now enjoying our home on a whole new level,… (read more)
Michael Shea – Architect, Homeowner, Claremont Resident
“I enthusiastically recommend CHERP to any city interested in seriously addressing their climate mitigation requirements and energy efficiency goals. As a homeowner, I have benefited greatly from a deep energy retrofit on my house and, as a concerned and engaged citizen, our community has greatly benefited from the extraordinarily effective efforts of the wonderful, grass-roots CHERP programs.”
John Shipman - President, Energy Efficiency Management, Inc.
“CHERP has proven to be a great strategic partner for me in reaching the public with my Certified Green Real Estate Professional (CGREP) course, bringing green building education to the Real Estate, Mortgage and Appraisal professions – professionals and industries critical to our state-wide energy efficiency, market transformation goals. CHERP has also been an advocate and supporter of my real estate development division that buys properties and renovates them with green building, energy efficiency measures and certified green labeling and also my business as a Home Performance Contractor. CHERP is the most successful model I know of for public/private partnerships in our industry today.”
Larry Schroeder - Mayor of Claremont
“CHERP has done a masterful job of educating our community and most importantly in a community of very educated citizens, inspired real community engagement in retrofitting our existing housing stock for energy efficiency. Claremont has set some ambitious, city-wide energy efficiency goals, and with our residential buildings consuming 80% of the total energy used, it is imperative we reduce our residential energy consumption.”