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Claremont Residents and CHERP Volunteers

Ed Hendrickson and Tracey Stoll – Claremont residents and CHERP volunteers

"The value of comprehensive public education around energy efficiency and building science issues is invaluable. There are so many benefits from energy efficiency available to homeowners, and most people are not even aware of them! Until we came to your workshops, we had no idea how much energy could be saved or how comfortable we could finally be in our home – not to mention how large a role we homeowners have in mitigating global green-house gasses. CHERP gave us (and many others) the inspiration and the courage necessary to take the plunge and have our home upgraded. We are now enjoying our home on a whole new level, paying 30-40% less on energy bills and marveling at how comfortable and quiet our house has become.

CHERP’s efforts are tremendously valuable to our entire community. Keep up the good work!”